Risk Management for CFD Margin Trading

HY Markets products offering  is that all transactions are traded in margin. This means that for a small amount of money, investors can obtain exposure to a much larger trading position hence a possibility of making a large profit with a relatively small stake, but the maximum potential loss in Margin Trading is limited to your initial margin, or risk amount.

HY Markets allows you to manage your risk on every trade you place. To do so an automatic stop loss order is attached to every trade that you take. You also can use Limit Orders to take profit.

Stop orders: The use of stop orders is a practical way of restricting and limiting the loss of an open position. These are commonly placed after a new position has been taken to limit loss if the market moves against the clients open position(s). If the market moves in favour of the client the stop order can be easily amended at any time so that it locks in any potential profit. However, the main point of these orders is so that the client is protected against a serious loss if there is a sudden move in the market against their position. Again, these orders can be cancelled and amended by the clients whenever they wish as long as the price has not been triggered.

Limit Orders: are very similar to Stop Orders but they are used to capture potential profit rather than lose.

One Cancels Other Orders: This is simply an order that has both a stop price and a limit price. If one is executed the other one is cancelled. This ensures that the client is ready for the market to move for or against them. Avoiding a large loss is the market moves against them and ensuring profit if the market moves in their favour.