Congrats to the new names climbing up the leaderboard!

Good morning traders!

Today is the 2nd day of the 2nd weekly championship and al_saram is currently leading the way with a 125.56% yield and $12,556.38 in profits as of this writing. Next to him is panpavelkuba with 87.23% yield and $8,723 in profits then forex72012 follows behind with 85.94% yield and $8,594.35 in profits.

Congrats to the new names climbing up the leaderboard!

If you haven’t yet, why not join us for free and get a chance to win up to $3,000 (US) in prizes? It’s not yet too late. To see the latest results of the competition, follow us at @HYMarkets and visit  to view the latest leaderboard.

Week 2 in HY Markets Trading Championship…

Congratulations to our Week 1 Winners!

Our week 1 ended with a blast!  Congratulations to ‘Mohalia’, our first weekly champion with a final profit of $74,075.26 and yields of 740.75%.  Our second weekly winner is ‘frxin’ with a total profit of $53,700.04, and yields of 537%.  Lastly, our third weekly winner is ‘zhitianlu’ with final profits of $49,811.18 and yields of 498.11%.

Before launching the competition we expected the standard to be high but ‘Mohalia’ has set a serious benchmark for all of our entrants to aspire to.  There’s been some late charges in the leaderboard but ‘Mohalia’ has consistently improved on his lead since making the top of the leaderboard. Read more

Mohalia Leads The Way…

Hello traders,

We are almost through the first week and the competition is still as fun as it has been since day one.  ‘Mohalia’ is still our top contender with now $50,913.04 profits, yielding 509.13%.  Next to him is ‘frxin’ who has climbed the ladder significantly with now $34,663.40 in profits and yielding 346.63%.  ‘Luke888’, ‘18938843100’, and ‘zhitianlu’ follow behind having also surpassed 200% profit yields!

We have yet to finish the first week but we’re already seeing astounding results like these.  Keep the trades coming in traders, excellent work! Read more