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HY Trading Championship Hotting Up!

Hello everyone!

Today’s the second day of the competition and it has proved to be fierce as when it started off. As of this writing, our new leader is ‘mohalia’ with a profit of $28,435, yielding an astounding 284.36%.  ‘Abbas2000′ follows behind with a profit of $17,364.21, yielding an equally amazing 173.64%.  Four more participants namely ‘zuIIuz’, ‘Selvakumar’, ‘frxin’ and ‘jingyu70537’  are in tow, having also surpassed 100% profit yields on the second day! Read more

Let The Games Begin…

Trading Competition Has Begun!

Finally, the much awaited trading competition has begun! Today is the first day of this event and we see the fine performance of our top traders as they fight for a piece of $30,000 in total prizes.

As of this writing, ‘zhitianlu’ leads our trading competition with a profit of $8,197, yielding of an astounding 81.98%! Next to him is ‘capricornus’ with a profit of $7,022 yielding a profit of 70.22% and this is just the first day. Superb trading! Read more