April 2013

BHP Billiton in $650m Sale

World’s largest miner – BHP Billiton has reportedly agreed to sell its railway and copper mine in Arizona to Capstone Mining Corporation for approximately $650million.

More recently BHP Billiton has looked to restructure many areas of the business as a result of less global demand and recent drops in value of  commodity prices. Read more

Greece Passes Bill Seeing 15,000 Job Losses.

Greek Parliament has passed a bill resulting in 15,000 job losses by the end of 2014.  The bill which saw a majority vote of 168 votes to 123 was heavily supported by all three of the coalition government’s parties.

As Greece continues to impose further austerity measures across the country the move comes as blow to many civil servants whose constitutional guarantee of a job for life will essentially be revoked. Read more

Spain Unemployment Soars

Spanish riot police were called into action in the confines of the Spanish parliament’s offices as following the announcement of the country’s unemployment rate hitting an all-time high.

Demonstrators were said to be seen to be pulling down railings, hurling missiles and pushing down police barricades in the Spanish capital. Read more