October 2012

HY Markets Championship – Week 4 Summary!

Weige won the 1st place ending with a remarkable profit of $101,621.99. (1016.22%) Weige broke the highest yield so far set by mohalia from week 1 championships and is now the leading contender for the Grand Championships.

Krystyna, also breaking Mohalia’s record achieved 2nd place ending with a total profit of $78,027.2 (780.27% yield).  And last but definitely not the least, Hulian grabbed the 3rd spot ending with a profit of $77,082.49 (770.82% yield), also surpassing the highest yield since Week 1.

This week have had the highest profits and yield ever! Congrats to our winners and to the other participants for setting another fantastic week!

We’ve got a tough benchmark for us to follow, traders.  Let’s now head off to the 5th weekly championships.

We’re now on the bottom half of the competition and Fly is the leading contender as of this writing with $16,805 profit (168.05% yield). Nazzalem is in tow with $6,705 profit (67.05% yield) and finally, qiaoyongguang198 follows at the 3rd spot with $5,809.25 profit (58.09% yield).

If you haven’t yet joined in the competition, what are you waiting for? Up to $3,000 in prizes are up for grabs! Registration is fast and easy.

To see the latest results of the competition, follow us at @HYMarkets and visit http://www2.hymarkets.com/event/contest/english/index.html to view the latest leaderboard.

Risk Management for CFD Margin Trading

HY Markets products offering  is that all transactions are traded in margin. This means that for a small amount of money, investors can obtain exposure to a much larger trading position hence a possibility of making a large profit with a relatively small stake, but the maximum potential loss in Margin Trading is limited to your initial margin, or risk amount. Read more