Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Ltd Launch HY Binary Options

HY Binary Options is the trading name of Henyep Capital Markets Ltd.  Headquartered in the United Kingdom and licensed by the world renowned FCA.

Henyep Group of companies has been operating in the financial service industry for 35 years and are licensed and registered in multiple jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

HY Binary Options is the latest offering to online traders that offers the very best trading platform and service for traders wishing to make up to 82% profit** per trade in as little as 60 seconds.

To welcome new traders to HY Binary Options, clients who register an account will also receive  up to 50% bonus on their first deposit.

What Are Binary Options?

Binary Options are predictions on whether the value (or the price) of trading products will increase or decrease within a certain timeframe.  In order to make profit a trader needs to correctly forecast whether the price will go up or down within the given timeframe. If successful, the trader will receive a profit** of up to 82% per trade.  Unlike Forex and Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, binary options trading involves the correct prediction of whether the price will go up or down within the given timeframe.

For example, a trader invests $100 on a Day Up/Down option for EURUSD. The trader predicts that, after the determined timeframe, the Euro will be stronger VS the dollar than it is now and selects an UP option. For example the option has a payout % of 73%. If the trader predicts incorrectly he will lose the investment amount in full. However, in this case the trader predicts correctly he she will receive back his/her initial investment of $100, plus 73% of the invested amount in profit. See below:-

Invested Amount = $100
Return   = ($100×73%)+ $100
=$73 + $100 = $173
Profit = $73.

What Types of Binary Options Are Available?

Day Up/Down Binary Options
This is where traders predict the price of an asset being either higher or lower than the entry rate at expiry. The expiry time specified is within the same day as when the option is placed.

60 Seconds Binary Options

60 seconds Binary Options are very similar to a Day Up/Down Binary Options.  The major difference being that the expiry is 60 seconds after making a trade.

Long-term Options

Long term Binary Options provide clients the ability to take positions that will expire in a predetermined time in the future.  Long-term options allow traders to capitalise on product volatility and take advantage of the price whilst removing the impact of short term price fluctuations.


Pairs allow clients to choose between two products and pick which product will perform better relative to the other.

For example a trader chooses to pair Gold Vs. Silver.  As Gold is stated first in the pair, it is representing ‘Up’. As Silver is the 2nd product, it is representing ‘Down’.  In this situation the trader is speculating that the value of gold (as a percentage) will perform better than the value of silver (as a percentage) during a specific timescale.


Unlike traditional Forex and CFD trading, trading Binary Options can potentially yield significantly higher profits** within a much shorter timeframe and so provides   an attractive alternative for new and experienced traders alike.  HY Binary Options offers up to 82% payouton trades, one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

As standard, clients of HY Binary Options will receive dedicated customer support from expert industry executives to ensure that their trading experience is as simple and positive as possible.

What Products Can You Trade With HY Binary Options?

Traders can trade a multitude of products including:

Forex                      Over 25 different currency pairs;
Commodities         US Oil, Corn, Coffee and Wheat.
Stocks                     Trade blue chip and tech Stocks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and IBM
Indices                   Numerous worldwide Indices including FTSE, Dow, NASDAQ and NIKKEI.
Metals                    Gold, Silver and Palladium.


What If I Have No Trading Experience?

HY Binary Options offer a demo account free of charge, giving you $50,000 in simulated equity to trade across their platform.  This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with our trading platform in preparation for live trading.  While trading on a demo account you can take advantage of our customer support to ensure you become fully up to speed with our platform features and functions as well as the different types of options  and products available.

To register complete our simple registration form and start trading today from as little as $250.

When trading with HY Binary Options you’ll pay zero commissions!

We’re available on Live Chat, phone or e-mail, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting HY Binary Options, enter the world of live capital markets and start trading Binary Options  today!



** Profits – Please note that Binary Options are speculative products and if your prediction is wrong, you will lose the full invested value