Recession – What Does it Mean for Forex Traders?

Recession – What Does it Mean for Forex Traders?
The term “recession” can be defined in several different ways but in general, recession is a general slowdown in overall economic activity of a country as a result of decline in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), investment spending, exports and imports, consumer spending, and unemployment among many other factors. Read more

A Brief Introduction to Day Trading – How Does It Work?

Day trading or intraday trading is a high-risk profession where the trader quickly buys and sells stocks within the period of one trading day, In the Forex market; this involves securing a position at the start of the day with the purpose of multiplying that position before that day’s trading session closes. The main goal in this trading style is to influence the value of the currencies so that they may either rise or fall within the entire period that the trader holds the currency. This slight upward or downward fluctuation in a currency’s rate allows the trader to reap a quick profit. Read more

Forex Trading Plans – How Do You Learn to Trust Your Trading Setup?

One of life’s great paradoxes is that as traders, we have to trust ourselves least of all. Most traders, beginner and seasoned alike, approach the whole venture with a deadly combination of puffed-up sense of arrogance in their ability and haughty sense of confidence in their trade systems. When it comes to trading, no one can sabotage our trades better than ourselves. Read more

Gauging the US Dollar Versus the Euro: What are USD’s Top Market Moving Indicators?

Trading the US Dollar Versus the Euro…

It’s a common practice among Forex traders to use either technical or fundamental analysis or a combination of both to formulate their trading plans. However, even for the casual trader, economic news and events can have a significant impact on the long and short term price action of any currency pair.

With the EUR/USD being the most actively traded pair in the Forex market, traders should know how to dissect down to the basics and understand what the economic news mean for these two majors. Read more