Day 2, Week 5 – HY Markets Trading Championship

We’re on the 2nd day of the 5th weekly championships. Yesterday ‘s  leading contender Fly got bumped down into the sixth spot with now Mei555 as our top contender. As of this writing, Mei555 has already yielded 217.51% ($21,751.05 profit). Mike111 follows behind with a yield of 188.22% ($18,882.13 profit) then Tong521 with 177.85% yield ($17,785.24 profit) although hulian369, currently on the fourth spot, is a close match with a yield of 177.63%

Registration is still open! Sign up now and win up to $3,000 in prizes. To see the latest results of the competition, follow us at @HYMarkets and visit to view the latest leaderboard.