March 2013

The Relationship Between Interest Rates and the Forex Market

Everyone who participates in the Foreign Exchange Market takes an interest in changes in the interest rates of the countries whose currency they are contemplating buying or selling. Yet what form that relationship takes is largely dependent upon the perspective of the investor. Interest rates can be interpreted in a number of ways based on what your investment strategy is, so no two investors may draw identical conclusions about what those interest rates mean.  Read more

Forex Trading Psychology – Impulsive Trading and How to Avoid it

In a perfect world, economic transactions would be the pure product of logic and reason based solely upon facts. In the world as it really is, things are messier and more complicated than that. Try as we might, irrational and impulsive emotions can influence and even dominate our trading decisions. That risk is especially real in the massive Forex market, where so much is going on with so many variables to consider all at once. Money itself is always an emotional topic, and combining that emotion with a fast-paced environment like the multi-trillion dollar Forex market, and avoiding impulsive behavior is not always easy.  Read more

Japanese Unemployment Rate, Household Spending and CPI

Japanese unemployment for January edged down to 4.2 per cent, coming from a revised 4.3 per cent in December according to official data released by the internal affairs ministry on Friday.  The figure was in line with analysts’ expectations.

The annual Job-to-Applicant ratio inclined in January to 0.85 compared with the previous record of 0.82 per cent while analysts anticipated 0.83 per cent. Read more