January 2013

Market Review 30th January

Market Review 30th January

Following the last few days growth across all markets, there was a downturn in fortunes across the board in yesterday’s trading.

All markets saw a drop in value apart from the Hang Seng which gained 166.89 points (0.71%).

The Nikkei 225 suffered the biggest drop of 67.98 points (0.61%) followed by the CAC 40 losing 20.30 points (0.54%).  The FTSE 100 which has been flying high of late but had a slight blip closing 16.08 points down (0.25%).  Similarly, the FTSE 250 lost 61.02 points (0.47%) on a slow day in the markets. Read more

Gillard Announces Australian Federal Election

On September 14th 2013 Australia will return to the polls to select a government for the first time since once of the most convoluted elections in recent memory. Three years on from Australia’s first hung parliament result since 1940, Julia Gillard’s incumbent Labor party will take on the Tony Abbott led Coalition with a view to gaining a majority in the House of Representatives.

Last time out, requiring 76 (out of 150) for a majority, both major parties could only achieve 72 seats leaving six MPs holding the balance of power. After weeks of negotiations and promises, one Green MP and three independents chose to back Labour, handing Gillard her first crack at a full term following her ascension to power by ousting former leader Kevin Rudd. Read more

Greece Cites 2014 Recovery

Greek Ministers believe that the only way is up following newly founded reforms in conjunction with the latest austerity package being implemented across the nation.

The chance of Greece leaving the Eurozone – dubbed the Grexit – is now less of a concern within the Government despite unemployment and homelessness being at the highest in modern history. Read more