November 2012

Greece Debt Eased While US Fiscal Cliff Looms

After 12 hours of talk in Brussels, European finance ministers and Greece’ international creditors approved the release of about 43.7 billion euros for Greece in the form of tranches, the first installment will be in December worth about 34.4 billion euros; 23.8 billion euros to recapitalize banks and 10.6 billion euros for budget aid. This decision relaxed the nervousness surrounding the euro area’s sovereign debt crisis. Read more

Top 3 Forex Trading Mistakes

Forex trading is one of the most exciting investment ventures to be involved. The mind-blowing challenges, economic riddles and most especially, the potential profits you could make while sitting in the comfort of your office chair – these are all put together in one profession. If you’re a newcomer in this massive financial market, then it’s important that you make yourself aware of the universal mistakes that can easily ruin your Forex trading venture. These mistakes are costly and even the most courageous beginner may tend to leave after all his capital had been wiped out. Read more