October 2012

Day 5, Week 4 – HY Markets Trading Championship

Happy Friday traders!

How fast time flies by! We’re already on the 5th day of our 4th weekly championships and have seen another superb trading performance among our traders. Elenuta managed to stay on top with now 657.35% yield ($65,735.15 profits) as of this writing. Jkq77 is in tow with 423.795% yield ($42,379.42 profits) then followed by hulian369 with 399.6% yield ($39,959.57 profits). Read more

A Volatile Time For Oil?

Oil has only recovered slightly after hitting a three-month low in New York yesterday as many companies DuPont reported weak earnings figures. Michael Hewson, an analyst at CMC markets explains that: ‘“There is a correlation between the equity markets and the oil price…we’ve had various companies missing price forecasts and these concerns about the future outlook for earnings is keeping a lid on oil prices.”’ This can also be seen in a general slump S&P GCSI Spot Index of 24 raw materials. Both gold and copper have hit 6 week lows while cotton futures have also declined. Read more